Due to the Pandemic, many of us are using our vehicles far less. The issue with this is that vehicles are meant to run, and to run quite frequently. If you haven't started your car in a week, or maybe even a month, you could be facing some issues. Here we will discuss various ways you can keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, while staying home.

Of course, the easiest and best way to maintain your vehicle is to take it on a mini drive every week. This could be to pick up groceries, to drive by your favorite park, or to get some fresh air. Simply put on some music or roll the windows down and enjoy some time away from the house while getting your vehicle some time on the road.

1. Clean the inside and outside of your vehicle. Make sure before you keep your vehicle in the garage or tucked away for an extended period of time that there's no debris or bird droppings on the exterior. This could damage the paint over time. Cleaning out the inside will keep it fresh and will deter any bugs from making a home inside your vehicle. 

2. Make sure you have plenty of gas in the tank. Gas typically lasts only 3-6 months so be sure to empty out any stale gas before taking it for a drive. Keep gas in the tank to keep the gas tank from rusting and causing any issues!

3. Keep your insurance and licensing up-to-date. With all that is going on right now we can forget when our registration expires! Set yourself a reminder so that you don't let it lapse. Continue to pay for your insurance and get any required inspections. We offer inspections and can help you with filing any updated registrations!

4. Disconnect your battery if you know you will not be driving for a while. Even having the car off uses battery power and could drain the juice. If you want to fully remove the battery, that is your best bet, but disconnecting the wires works as well. Nothing like trying to start your car and realizing the battery is dead! 

5. Check your fluids! Before you hit the road make sure that your fluids are topped off and are not expired. You will most likely need an oil change as soon as possible to change out the oil. We offer quick oil changes and would be happy to fit you in! Schedule online or by phone. 

Hang in there and we will be driving again in no time! We hope this mini tutorial keeps you updated on how to maintain your vehicle when we are driving less.
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