Are you in the market to buy a used car in Winston-Salem or the Triad area? Not sure where to start? We've got your back! CUABS has been in the auto industry for 25 plus years and it has given us a lot of experience; we can't wait to share what we've learned!

Top Ten Tips For Buying a Used Car:

1. Figure Out Your Budget
Before you even start looking at used vehicles, take the time to research your own finances. Knowing what you can afford will help you narrow down your options and will help you figure out which dealership is right for you. Here at CUABS, we can help you figure out your budget and can find a comfortable month payment tailored to you. 

2. Figure Out Your Wants vs Your Needs
Not sure where to start with your auto search? Write down the features that you NEED in a vehicle (seating capacity, trunk size, towing capabilities, etc). Then make a list of things you would WANT (colors, extra features like bluetooth, radio settings, etc). Using your budget as a guide, find vehicles that match your Needs before your Wants. This way you don't sacrifice on things you need and splurge on things that would just seem nice to have.

3. Do Your Research
Have a car in mind? Make sure you take advantage of all of the information on the internet (and the information our personal advisors have from experience!). Do you know what the gas mileage is like with this vehicle? Do you know what average costs for repairs and maintenance will be? These are all good things to know before falling in love with a vehicle. 

4. Visit A Dealership, Even If You Don't Plan On Buying
Looking around on a dealership lot can help you figure out what types of vehicles you like, and can be a good way to see if a dealership fits you. Here at CUABS, we have a no-pressure approach and let customers walk our lot without being approached or hassled. We want you to feel comfortable to come in and ask questions only if you have them and want to speak to an advisor. Most dealerships will be pushy and will follow you around the lot; so find the dealership that best fits your style!

5. Test Drive, Test Drive, Test Drive! 
Okay, you've made your list of needs vs wants, you've researched your vehicle, now it's time to test drive. We recommend you take your vehicle on a drive for a variety of reasons. The first is we want you to get used to the vehicle and experience all of the features it has to offer. How does it drive? Do you like the brakes? What about visibility? How comfortable is the drive? All of these questions can be answered in a quick 15 minute test drive. Here at CUABS we allow all customers that have a drivers license and are insured to test drive alone or with their family so they can have a stress-free drive and can get a true feel for the vehicle.

6. Get The Price You Need
Our personal advisors have a ton of experience in finding the right payment for your needs. Once you have found the vehicle you want, simply reach out to an advisor to figure out the financials. We partner with local credit unions to provide the best interest rates for our customers (and you don't have to be a member to take advantage of these rates!). We can tailor your payments and pricing so that you feel happy and comfortable with your financing decisions.

7. Take Advantage of Your Trade In
Looking to put down a significant amount of money and knock down the loan amount for your vehicle? Trade your old car! Here at CUABS we love to accept trades and make the process extra easy! Simply fill out our trade form online, bring your vehicle into our dealership, and get a value for it within the hour! 

8. Evaluate Finance Add-Ons
Most dealerships will push add-ons such as warranties and offers simply to make money off of you. Here at CUABS we want you to make the best decision for your situation. Some warranties. like GAP protection, can help you if your vehicle gets in an accident and your insurance does not cover the full amount due to depreciation. Talk to our finance managers to help figure out what your best options are depending on your finance and the vehicle you are purchasing. 

9. Get Paid to Refer!
Once you've purchased your vehicle, make some money spreading the news! We offer giftcards for referrals and for posting your photo to social media and tagging our dealership! Make some money sending your friends and family our way and get to bask in the #newcar social post! 

10. Always Use Your Free Perks!
Here at CUABS most of our vehicles come with one year of FREE maintenance! This covers tire rotations and oil changes for the whole first year of your ownership. You can schedule your maintenance appointment online or over the phone and we make it super easy for you to take advantage of the free perks! Make sure to see what's included when you purchase your used vehicle.

We hope these tips help navigate you through the used car buying process! We are always available if you have any questions or would like more information on what it is like buying from CUABS! 

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