Looking to buy New but can't find any inventory?

Last year, new car manufacturers halted production due to shortages, which has affected the new and used car market. Combined with the demand for vehicles during COVID, most new car dealerships are experiencing lower inventory than ever before. Remember how hard it was to find toilet paper last year? New cars are the equivalent this year!

Since there were few new cars made last year, the cars that would be considered used this year are few and far between. Thus, we are in need of inventory to sell and are willing to pay above the value of your car! It is a great opportunity to sell or trade with us. Since the value of used cars are going up, they are not depreciating as quickly as they once did. Your investment in buying a used vehicle will be paying off if you decide to trade up!


We want you to know that we are the best resource for finding you a vehicle if you are searching for something in particular. We are working with our network dealerships daily, and keep an eye out on available inventory in the area. Let us know what you are on the search for so we can do the heavy lifting for you! Also don't forget to check out the inventory we have on the lot! We get new inventory daily and they go fast, so we recommend moving quickly if you see something you like.

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