Take advantage of the low inventory situation that is plaguing most dealers and bring your vehicle in to be appraised! We are currently paying top dollar for trades and you could get more than your car is worth or even more than you paid for your car originally! You will be surprised by how much your vehicle is worth.

If you are looking to Trade: we make it EASY! Simply fill out our online trade application, or stop by CUABS anytime during regular business hours and we should be able to give you a quote in minutes. While your vehicle is being appraised, walk our lot and experience our no-pressure atmosphere until you fall in love with a vehicle you are interested in. Once you are approved and your financing is complete, you hand us the keys to your old car and drive away in your new one! So fast, stress-free and easy!

If you are looking to Sell: check out our "Sell Your Car" program! We will value your vehicle just like a trade, by having you either fill out our online trade form, or having you stop by the dealership during regular business hours, and we will get you a quote in minutes. We pride ourselves on getting you the most for your vehicle that we can while also making the experience exceptional!

Come by the dealership and be amazed with what you can get for your car TODAY! We are located at 4990 University Parkway in Winston-Salem, NC 27106 right off of University Parkway.

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